About the Book
Presented as riddles or tales, the koan is instrumental to the Zen student’s path to enlightenment; by opening and freeing the mind from both outer and inner restrictions, the “empty mind” of the Zen student is more open to insight and realization that could be achieved in no other way.

As artists, we, too, need the benefit of an “empty mind.” Our own creative insights and realizations become more tangible and workable when we clear away the clutter of fear, negativity, apathy, self-doubt and all other potentially destructive restrictions that we may have learned in our lives.

Koan Kreativity is a book that seeks to combine the ancient teachings of Zen masters with other creative insights which will aid us in all of our artistic endeavors.
About the Author
Tim Ljunggren is an Episcopal priest, a filmmaker, a writer, and a painter. He published and edited the flash fiction e-zine insolent rudder from 2001 until 2009, which was named by Poets & Writers magazine as one of the top literary sites on the internet. Ljunggren’s own flash fiction stories have been published in numerous literary magazines. He is currently working on a documentary entitled Big Sky Creativity: Montana Artists and Their Passions, along with other short film projects.

Since 2001, Ljunggren has been facilitating “creativity clusters” to inspire and cajole people to reconnect with their creativity.

Ljunggren lives in Montana with his wife, Linda, and their three dogs (Benji, Cajun, and Ranger).